Red Vein Thai Kratom Strain – A Great Calming Experience

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If you are looking for a kratom strain that provides a great calming experience, relief from stress or has analgesic properties, then Red Vein Indonesian could be it!

Red Vein Indonesian, or Red Vein Indo, is one of the many different strains of kratom produced from the leaves of the Mitragyna speciosa tree. The tree is native to many parts of Southeast Asia and is typically found in old growth forests. A more precise location of the trees is usually indicated by the name of the strain. Interestingly, these locations also impact on the type of kratom product each tree produces.

The most common strains of kratom are generically referred to as red, green and white and there are significant differences between them. Red vein for instance indicates that this particular variety of kratom leaf has red veins. Another characteristic of Red Vein Indonesian is that the leaves from which it is produced have a relatively tough cell wall. Accordingly, some reviewers note that it takes longer for the effects of this particular variety to kick in.

Where Is The Red Vein Indonesian Strain Grown?

The various strains of kratom are as diverse as they are varied and much of this is due to where the trees are growing. Variations in soil type and climate conditions all impact the type of kratom produced. Red Vein Indonesian, a very popular strain of kratom, is produced from Mitragyna speciosa trees grown in old growth forests throughout Indonesia.

Another other important factor that determines quality is the age of the leaf when picked. The highest levels of alkaloids are found in mature leaves so these are the ones used to produce the high-end kratom products.

How Popular Is This Strain?

Red Vein Indo or Indonesian is a very popular variety of kratom. It’s thought this is due to the high concentration of alkaloids in the product. Reviewers further note that Indonesian strains generally are quite unique and subtly different to kratom grown in Borneo. Primarily in the areas of better pain relief and improved mood. Red vein varieties also provide some mild stimulation and help to reduce stress and anxiety.

Which Alkaloids Are Involved?

A single kratom leaf contains over 25 different alkaloids! The most predominant alkaloids however are mitragynine and its oxidation product 7-hydroxymitragynine. Especially 7-hydroxymitragynine. In fact, the red vein strains of kratom, including Red Vein Indonesian, are known to have higher percentages of 7-hydroxymitragynine than other strains. 7-hydroxymitragynine is strongly associated with stress reduction and is also a potent opioid with good analgesic, or pain relieving, properties.

The more potent alkaloids are found in the veins and leaf. Some alkaloids are found in the stems too but they’re not as potent. Products labelled as premium are produced solely from veins and leaf with stems being removed prior to processing.

What Is The Cost Of Red Vein Indonesian?

Red Vein Indonesian is readily available. Its price range is consistent with other easily found Kratom products. A standard one-ounce packet of Red Vein Indo powder can usually be found for approximately $12 USD. Kratom suppliers also usually offer a reduction for bulk quantities. This is easy to find if Red Vein Indonesian is your product of choice. For example, bumping up to a four-ounce package can save you a lot of money because they are generally sold for less than $40. If you want to get the premium product instead, you can expect to pay somewhere around $17 for an ounce.

Although this item is usually sold under the name Red Vein Indonesian or Red Vein Indo, some companies and users refer to it by its nickname, the Indonesian Gem.