White Vein Indonesian – White Vein Indo

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White Vein Indonesian, or White Vein Indo as it’s more commonly known as, is a variety of kratom produced from Mitragyna speciosa leaves that have white veins. These white veined varieties are rarer than either the red veined or green veined strains.

Mitragyna speciosa trees are native to Southeast Asia and are typically found in old growth forests throughout the region. They come from the same family as coffee. The location of each tree affects the development of the alkaloid content of the leaves. This is responsible for the subtle but obvious differences users have noted between strains.

Where Is This Strain Of White Vein Grown?

The Mitragyna speciosa trees that produce the variety of kratom marketed as White Vein Indonesian are found in Indonesia. However, there are also hybrid products available that have been produced by mixing the leaves from these trees with those from trees grown in other areas like Borneo. These hybrid products may not have the same consistency of alkaloid content that is found in kratom solely grown and sourced from Indonesia. For this reason, some manufacturers call pure Indonesian grown kratom True White Vein Indo to differentiate between it and the hybrid products.

How Popular Is White Vein Indonesian?

White Vein Indonesian is one of rarest types of kratom there is. This is because kratom trees that produce white veined leaves are scarcer than other varieties, making White Vein Indonesian kratom correspondingly harder to source. This scarcity does not seem to have affected its popularity however. Indications from user reviews and message board threads are that it retains its user appeal and remains highly sought after.

You may also see White Vein Indonesian listed as Elephant Kratom. It gets this name from its larger leaves and correspondingly higher alkaloid content. However, be aware that Elephant Kratom is also an alternative name for White Vein Thai, a different product to White Vein Indonesian.

Which Alkaloids Are Involved?

Alkaloids are a group of plant-derived chemicals, many of which directly affect the central nervous system. For this reason they have long played an important role as relaxants, stimulants and analgesics in traditional medicine. Indeed, alkaloids in general have had a pivotal role in both traditional and modern medicine. Many modern drugs are synthetic derivatives of plant alkaloids.

All kratom leaves contain a large range of alkaloids – more than 25 in fact! The most prevalent ones are mitragynine (known to have adrenergic receptor agonist qualities), 7-hydroxymitragynine and mitraphylline. The concentrations and ratios of all alkaloids present in the leaves though will vary depending on where the trees are growing and the color of the veining.

Generally speaking, Mitragyna speciosa trees that grow in the more impenetrable areas of Indonesia’s old growth forests are associated with higher levels of sedating alkaloids. This has made them popular for mood enhancement and pain relief. White vein leaves however tend to buck this trend. They are instead associated more with stimulatory effects and therefore popular for energy boosting. They’re also reported to be less effective for pain relief than the red vein and green vein varieties.

What Is The Cost Of White Vein Indonesian?

Because it is rare, White Vein Indonesian can be difficult to find from online retailers and manufacturers. When it is offered for sale, it comes in a variety of formats. For example, a 20 pack of 800 mg capsules usually retails for around $25 USD. Powder versions tend to sell for about $14 USD for one ounce. As always, buying a larger quantity at one time will give consumers the opportunity to save money. A kilogram of White Vein Indo powder will typically sell for around $300-$350 USD.